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The entire time I was watching this scene


I couldn’t help but notice the dog


and how he’s just like


I am the dog



kindness is cooler than being a jerk. i like kind people way more than i like people who are butts, even though probably people who are butts have their own reasons for being a butt and it’s not like anyone is a butt 24/7 like sometimes you’re just off, yanno? sometimes i have been a butt. i am often a butt. where was i going with this. idk


i hate it when people equate being kind with being boring - kindness is hard, it requires emotional work and energy even when it’s relatively easy, and it’s often not easy at all

being kind =/= being nice; niceness has its uses, but being nice has nothing to do with ethics and everything to do with delicate social balancing. niceness is about not rocking the boat, smoothing things over, niceness can be brutal in its determination to sweep past inconveniences; you can be unjust and unfair and still manage a veneer of “niceness”; nice does not require kind, or vice versa

(I’ve met plenty of people who wouldn’t lift a finger to help you if you needed it but they observed all the social niceties when stepping aside, and it was somehow excusable that they were unkind at the core because they were nice about it; conversely I know people who are blunt and caustic who would help, every time, people who might not manage nice but would always, always try to be kind)

kindness requires exertion of the heart and soul, kindness will fucking cost you (and you might willingly pay, but there’s still a price, it doesn’t come easy or free), and that is really fucking difficult, why do people undersell it?

i’m not talking about flashy movie battles against supervillains, either; i’m talking about the cumulative effect of all the little things, the hundred small conscientious ways in which people take up stewardship and accountability for their communities, the quiet unglamorous tasks to minister unto others

i am so sick of our cultural obsession with brooding self-absorbed jerks; they’re not clever or cute and those stories don’t do shit for me, they don’t give me hope or strength or help, they just make me want to give up and not bother

but people who keep trying, who want to be as good as they know how (even if they sometimes suck at it), they give me hope

they’re fighting, too, but it’s not brooding antihero nihilism; it’s so much more interesting than that

kindness in the face of all the bad things is a giant glowing fuck you, it’s defiance in the darkness, it means looking at all the bullshit in the world and still deciding to love wholly and generously and ferociously

that stubborn furious struggle is so fucking fascinating


Lack of kindness is exactly why the Batman movies sucks.

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Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

holy shit i thought you guys were joking about this

the background dances are just like “can you believe this bitch”

holy shit its like every memory of my highschool anime club came and punched me in the face jfc avrile stop what are you doing


You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.

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The whole family is hilarious, but the secret weapon of the Belcher family and of Bobs Burgers itself is the aforementioned eldest daughter, Tina. Because while the rest of the cast gamely improves on classic tropes of sitcoms past, Tina is something new entirely: There’s never been a major character like her on the small-screen - her very presence in the “now” calling attention to a gaping void so many of us had likely overlooked before. This alleged Golden Age of television gets a lot of credit for confronting fears and horrors (think Hannibal, Walking Dead, American Horror Story.) But in a very real sense Tina’s existence is a confrontation with something from which TV itself has always fled in terror: a teenaged girl grappling with adolescence… but on her terms, rather than as reacted-to by other (mostly male) characters.


Some of the lessons we had during camp.

Others included: Life Tree (values and goals), Immune System education, Finger Painting Stories, Letter to Self, Decision Making, etc.

Also everyday after lunch, we had an hour of “camper time” where the campers got to choose from a variety of activities such as, volleyball, coloring, frisbee, origami, soccer, water color painting, friendship bracelet making (super popular with all campers), and taekwondo. 

Check out our daily schedule for all the lessons and activities we did.

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